djay sees my hercules mp3 LE controller but doesn't work. When i touch a button, my mac gives a beeb but no else response.

I configured my Hercules mp3 LE dj controller but when i want to play with it is doesn’t work. I tried to download the last version of the control pannel and so on but nothing works. Hope you guys can help me out.


Which djay version do you have? Also, please make sure to download the latest driver for your controller.

As an experiment, please download the MIDI Monitor app and see if your controller sends MIDI events.

Aaah, it’s because you have the LE version of the controller. Only the “normal” and the “E2” versions are natively supported.

In your case, you have to do the mapping yourself. Simply open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to start mapping your controller.

Hi Stein! is there any posibility you to share your configuration? i dont know why, i cant do it. thanx!!!

I’ve got Djay version 4.2.1. I just downloaded the latest driver version so i think that isn’t the problem. djay does see my controller but when i try to dj with it nothing happens. When i try something in Midi Monitor i see everything i do on my controller at the MIDI events.

I know, but i mapped all the buttons and stuff but still doens’t work… When i do something on my controller i only hear a sound out of my speakers…