djay sent sound for AppleTV


When I go into preferences in Mac djay find an option to output audio to AirPlay. I have an AppleTV and I can not make the sound output out of it. Only works on the iPad?

The main output works for me, but I can’t figure out how to get precuing to work with this setup. I’m also using a SPIN controller.


Do you have a TV or speakers connected to your AppleTV?

Yes, my Apple TV is conneted to my TV.

I use Airfoil to send djay audio to my Apple TV. It works, but for me there is a delay that makes it really hard to mix, as much as 2 - 3 seconds. Loading Airfoil right now shows an update waiting. Let’s see if it fixes the problem.

Warren, I’m assuming you’re keying Adriano, but just in case, my set up is an appleTV 1st gen, connected to an A/V receiver by HDMI. AppleTV links to the iMac via WiFi - TimeCapsule base station. The most recent AirFoil update did not solve the time delay.