Djay set up scenario

I’ve been using Djay 2 for several years now but since Apple Music came about I’ve found it difficult to manage - I used to run Djay2 from my MacBook exclusively but since I subscribed to Apple Music I’ve reverted to running Djay from my iPad and keeping my MacBook for my own music.

This works ok for regular band gigs where I use Djay for music in between sets but for gigs where I’m doing more of a disco thing, I find I have to simply run music from iTunes.

What I’d like to do is create a folder on my MacBook desktop that contains all of my disco tunes with a separate iTunes library and switch to this when I need to use Djay for a disco - this library for this would need to not use Apple Music.

This would then give me the flexibility to switch between libraries and move the folder on or off of the MacBook.

Will this work ok? …I seem to remember there being a problem with the specific location of the iTunes library, like, Djay is hardcoded to only look in one place for the library - is this the case??