djay should integrate with DEEZER

Work with deezer playlist or albums? That’s all I need !

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Actually…Deezer > Spotify. Both in terms of the overall size of the library and the amount of electronic music on it. Spotify’s library is 30m tracks, of which a large proportion is American Country & Western. Deezer’s library is 35m tracks and has a larger amount of Electronica, House Music from independent European labels.

Like Spotify, Deezer sould integrate within djay!

Would love Deezer integration too, they have an API for developers and their library is very extensive. Lots of great tunes that spotify does not have. (plus all Vodafone contracts here in Germany now come with two years of free Deezer premium !! )

I’d love Djay to link to deezer my phone contract comes with deezer so to use spotify I have to pay for a service I already have just to use it in this app

Indeed, I love Djay2 but it lacks what iMect’s DjPlayer offers: Deezer integration!

Pleaseee… I Subscribe in Deezer, and I can ́t pay to Spotify, when the deezer integration come?

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Can you please add deezer integration, i use it for all my music on my phone and it is a very popular app.

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В России недоступен Spotify (они закрыли возможность пользоваться платной подпиской). И я не могу больше использовать Djay в работе… Планируется интергация с Deezer?

Spotify > Deezer

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Spotify has about 5 times the amount of subscribers. Deezer is not available in the USA. Nuff said!!!

BTW Serato just announced Streaming support with Pulselocker which has a library of 44 million tracks and is actually aimed toward DJ’s. Best yet offline support included…

So uhhh yeah LOL

Por favor Deezer tienen que ser una alianza con ustedes y que además se pueda utilizar la música sin conexión a internet. Es la mejor aplicación.

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Hello. I really would like that Deezer is used with Djay Pro 2. Do you have planned to add it?

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