DJay should integrate with polkast, homesharing, or spotify

Look DJ’s have 1000’s of songs and we want to access them via wifi. All we need is a sweet DJ program that will integrate with all these personal clouds. Please do something quick so that we can all experience these app to the fullest extent. Moreover, with vjay as well. Also have it play karaoke files. Sounds like a tall order but do it and you will have a mint!

DJ Jay

Don’t forget, any streaming service like Deezer, Spotify, Rara etc is *only* permitted if you’re not playing out to a paying audience in a public venue. It’s fine for private parties in pre-booked rooms, weddings, birthday parties etc…but if you’re playing in a club or a bar - forget it, you could get busted.

Plus, there’s a question of in-app recording and streamed content. You shouldn’t be allowed to record audio being streamed.

Sorry to be a party-pooper, but I’ve been doing some digging on this subject for a few weeks now!

Great idea. Someone from DJ feel free to send us a line we will work with you.

Please also integrate Deezer. There already is a open API available.

I just read that an upcoming release of DJ Player will support streaming from Deezer. I hope you’re working on something similar guys as I’m sniffing around rival products on a more and more regular basis recently, and I’d really like to stick with you.