djay should integrate with Spotify.

I think it would be really cool if you could use any of the tracks on Spotify from within djay. I listen to nearly all my music on Spotify now so the only reason I have music store on my hard drive in iTunes is for dj-ing. If djay was able to access my Spotify playlists, I would have no need to keep all those .mp3’s hanging around my hard drive.

Integrating with Spotify would give djay users access to 1000’s of songs to mix together right from the first time they launch djay.

This might be something that would only be available to Spotify Premium users, but it would be a awesome feature to have.

This might be useful.…

Also see,…

Yes I agree. Spotify would solve the space problem we currently have

although I would still like to have a wireless hard drive option

do this! would have this on new year eve but didn’t have any songs on my iPhone -.-’

Hi all,

A must have … hope it will be available soon for premium spotify users.


is there some official news about the spotify integration ???

Spotify supports device caching. I would LOVE to be able to access my cached Spotify playlists via djay.

Get er done!

good luck with Pacemaker on iOS & Spotify.

iOS (specifically Apple) isn’t well-suited for DJing with Spotify as a source, read CDM for reasons why it’s not worth a second glance right now;…

  • copyright issues…Spotify isn’t available in some countries
  • you wont be able to record your sets in djay
  • you will always need a rock solid internet connection for streaming
  • streaming bitrate qualities are much lower than anything most folk would want to use in their DJ sets - particularly if you’re playing out somewhere on a decent sound rig.

…this is before you even touch on the functionality (or lack of) offered with the other app.

This is one suggestion I’d prefer to see sunk without trace.

You’ll be back!

You wont be able to record the sets as you don’t own the music that you’re streaming. Your spotify membership only gives you the privilege of streaming it / downloading it into the Spotify app (and I suspect the API is limited to this app only for download)…and without checking the T’s & C’s, I would imagine that use is strictly personal and not for playback in public situations - clubs, bars, paid for parties etc. There’s a similar situation to Deezer integration - Deezer have been more open to API use in other apps than Spotify in the past.

OK, so perhaps if Spotify could provide an API that allowed for high-res tracks to be downloaded (& encrypted) locally then maybe the sample bitrate issue is removed…however, you would need to plan your entire set & do the downloading prior to a gig - whereas a real benefit in Spotify would be for somewhere that you’re receiving high numbers of requests (eg weddings)…even then, you’d need a solid internet connection for that, high-res or not.

As Warren states, I’m just a fellow djay (& iOS DJ) user…nothing to do with Algoriddim or any other company.

You can just press the “+1” button on the initial post.

We take all requests into consideration but we can’t talk about any of our future plans. I hope you understand. :slight_smile:

Hi Kaj,

Sorry you feel that way. I assure you though that listening to our fans’ requests is the “secret recipe” to our success.

I replied to this thread a few months ago and there is really nothing new I can add to my original post.

We are aware of the demand but please note that there are other issues to consider here apart from the technical aspect.

Hi Nick,

thanks for your input.

Please note that you’re replying to a comment made by a fellow djay user and not to an official response made by our company.

Hi Jake,

We generally do not talk about any future plans. Hope you understand.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Spotify and a major update to djay for iPad and iPhone. With this latest release of djay 2.5 – a free update for all existing users of djay 2 – you can now mix over 20 million songs from Spotify on your iPad and iPhone.

Please see the following article for more information:…

would it be possible to link djay n spotify to share ur spotify streaming library with djay?

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spotify streaming library sharing?!.

Having lost my iTunes a fair few times, from my laptop crashing I can no longer be bothered to rip my CDs back on to iTunes and have now turned to using spotify premium Which I find a lot easy to use then iTunes it’s self.

However haveing a big interest to this app, I don’t believe it let’s you run spotify through this app and I though it would be a great addition to add this feature to it.

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Use spotify through the djay app,.

Streaming and mixing songs together live with efx…that’s a pretty tall order. My pioneer aero does it from a hard drive and usb…couldn’t imagine it trying to stream the same mp3s from a cloud based storage system.