Djay starts lagging after approx 1 hour of usage


I am experiencing a severe lagging after approx 1 hour of use. I’ve tried both Djay and Djay Pro on my ipad. After a while it’s hard to open the choose track window and evrything is running slow.

Is this due to a heat problem or is it due to my Ipad i old. Does anyone else experience this, and if so what Ipad to you have.

My gear is
Ipad Mini 2
Beatpad1 controler
Djay app
Djay Pro app

Thank you, good to hear that it’s working great for you. Worst lagging issue is with the pro app, that’s sad because it’s a really good app…
I have the Mac version as well, and it’s smooth with no troubles. I think that the HP filter sounds better on the Mac DJ Pro version too…

Sorry man, I personally don’t and have never had a problem with freezing. I have done 8+ hour sets with my setup and DJay never froze, ever.

iPad Air 2 (128Gb)
Numark IDJ Pro

HOWEVER, I have had odd problems while doing the following while doing my bi-weekly mixtapes:

Recording while mixing (using hot cues) in key and nudging the jog wheels to get my beats matched spot on. Doing this will sometimes make the wave forms jitter and freeze, causing the mixed in song to be off my milli-seconds.

Hope you get some answers…