djay stops recording (even though the red record button & timer still says its recording)

When using djay on the Mac (bought on the app store and have the latest version), the recording sometimes stops recording, even though the red recording button says its recording (and even the timer says its recording). As soon as I stop the record button, i find out that at some point it stopped recording. This does not happen all the time, most of the time it does record properly. The recording quality is set to best.

This is obviously a bug that still needs to be fixed, ASAP. I googled the issue and found out that people have been complaining about this since 2010.

Same here on ipad2. Have about 2Gb of memory left.

I am using djay2 for ipad


Thanks for contacting.

Which djay version are you using? Also, how much free disk space is left on your Mac?