Djay suggestions for a even better experience

Hi, Love DJay interface and graphics but some UX tweaks could make the user experience even better and smother.

1- Select Automix ongoing playlist and stick to it or do not clear Manual when going out of it.
2- Possibility to change rating and comments in the Browser
3- Visual cue of “Matching songs” when a any song is selected in the browser.
4- Choose type of NeuralMix when in automix - Vocals deck swap first then Instruments or vice versa.

Thank you for listening and keep up with the great work.

Thanks for all of these great suggestions, @Vasco_Martins! We appreciate your feedback and your support to make djay even better. :raised_hands:

I’ve shared your ideas with our Dev Team for future consideration, so please stay tuned for updates! :notes:

Thank you for the consideration, please let me know if I can help in anything like testing or user experience mechanics.

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