DJay to support other audio formats, i.e., FLAC, etc.

I use both DJay and Serato DJ. However Serato supports FLAC format which most of my library consists of. FLACs offer a higher quality audio output, and I have to convert them to MP3 if i want to play them with DJay. When will DJay support other audio formats, i.e., FLAC?

oh, seriously? :open_mouth:

Support for FLAC still seem sto be cloudy…after all this time. I just bought DJ Pro 2, but not sure it was the right move.

Thank you for clarifying!!

I’m sorry, we can’t tell, right now. Rest assured though, we’ll be looking into this.
In the meantime, I recommend converting your files, e.g. into wav or mp3.

on mac the flac file format is supported since djay Pro 1.4.4

(September 27, 2017)
(- Added support for FLAC audio codec (requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra)…