Djay v2 and iDJPro common problem with loading track

When playing right channel, crossfader at position right and loading same track at left channel (long press at load icon and select [Double]) - right channel - stop and loading left channel track at right panel!

Hi Sergey,

Thank you very much for reporting this. I’ve been able to reproduce the problem and we’ll be sure to fix this with an update.

Ok. Maybe i describe this badly.

  1. Left panel loaded track “A”.
  2. Right panel loaded track “B” and playing it.
  3. Crossfader at position right.
  4. I want to load same track to left panel (load track “B” to the left panel) - so with long press to load icon at left panel and i select “Double” and…
    Right panel stop to playing track “B” and load track “A” to the right panel :((( So music stop playing!

Won’t load tracks