Djay v5.1 with Apple Music

I was around when Spotify yeeted, so I changed to Tidal. Now that Apple Music can be used, should I prepare to switch again? And will it bring back neural mix if I do?
(I’m actually really happy with Tidal and high bitrate FLAC -does Apple offer the same?)

Or is it just another source to bring in more users? Because I’m at the point that if Tidal pulls support like Spotify, I’m going to :fu:t2:everybody and sail the high seas under the Jolly Roger if you know what I mean.

Other than this, anybody having any issues? Did they bring back the old automix crossfader arrows?

I guess this is just a “where we at?” Post…

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With Apple music can’t use Neural mix, no licence

As an Apple Music user, can you also stream songs that are stored in the cloud via iTunes Match? So far, unfortunately, you have to download them locally to your device first.

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Not really a big deal - external SSDs are pretty cheap lately…but that doesn’t help the iPad folk.
What file format does Apple use? I like tidal s use of FLAC because it’s a great container

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I am curious if the “library sync” will be an issue with Apple Music.

Why not? You can use them on iPad too…

I was excited at first but, then I realized it’s just another “online only” feature, couldn’t find an option to cache the tracks for offline use and, I can’t even make use of my local Lossless Apple Music tracks. :neutral_face:

@deadelus From what I’ve read about Apple Music it is possible to download tracks for offline use, so maybe you have to do that directly in Apple Music, then they show in DJay?


I’m asking the same but would like to know if Apple Music catalogue is closer to Spotify’s catalogue and is it better than Tidals catalogue

Nop. I’d already tried that, I was hopping that finally I could mix my downloads from Apple Music. So if you look the library source on the bottom left, you can see there’s one red icon from Apple Music and (for me) one right below that says “Local Music”.

Selecting Apple Music as source, the browser show my online library ONLY when I’m connect to the internet. No option for saving offline, context menu or browser Menu. I’ve tried looking for the manual, found no Apple Music quotation. The help search box gives me one result: “Log Out of Apple Music”. :sweat_smile:

Selecting Local Music shows me only the music I’ve bought from Apple’s iTunes and the non Apple Music files that I’ve imported. Unfortunately the Apple Music’s local files don’t show.

Besides that, I’m getting a “Request failed: gateway timed out (504) - Try again” error message frequently, loosing access to the Apple Music library. That’s why local files are still a need for serious jobs.

Take a look. Anyone else?

On iPad, can we finally rate our tracks and sort by rating? I haven’t had a chance to install it to check. Been waiting on such feature forever. Even if it’s just for Files, thats what I need… Badly.

I have used Tidal with the iPad version since it was first available. I already had Apple Music so have been using it as well. Frankly, I like Tidal better and now that it has stems enabled again (as a paid add-on), it is the clear choice for me. If I didn’t already have Apple Music as a personal thing, I wouldn’t subscribe to it.

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