Djay & Vjay w/ Serato Saved Cue Points & Loops

I have spent years building my HQ/12k+ music video library, but that was only half the battle. Most original music videos have breaks/skits or intros that require well placed cue points.

Since Serato’s release of Video SL and Serato Video I have spent countless hours/days/years setting cue points for every MP4 and most videos have at least 2-3 cues points, but max 5 with additional saved loops.

I’ve been Djng/Vjing professionally with Serato since 2005 or version 1.3 and I will never leave my Technics or Rane mixer for live events, but since I travel a lot I have become very interested in the Vjay app.

I would plan on using Vjay with Pioneers new Wego to help plan and build my mixes on the road, but need to be able to atleast use Serato’s cue points within Algoriddim’s Vjay app.

So the question is:

Can I or would I ever be able to use Serato Cue points in Vjay?

-this is basically the deal breaker for me and potentially half the other market outside Algoriddim’s customer base.

Thank you!

Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for your interest in vjay.

I’m honestly not sure if this is even possible because Serato’s data might be proprietary and not accessible by other apps at all. However, I’ll check back with our developers just to make sure.

Hi Warren,

Thank you for taking the time to research my question! I’m very interested to see what might be possible.

We need this feature guys!