Djay with Griffin DJ Connect?


The Griffin DJ Connect seems like a great product.
Was interested in this, but since iOS8 seems to have at least temporarily broken the Djay/iMic combination my interest was renewed.

Can someone confirm that you actually get two separate independent stereo outputs from it? That is no split mono trickery?
Send one song to the headphones in full stereo and another to the main out also in full stereo?

Second thing, in loud venues I’m using earplugs (you all should too!), which means I need to be able to boost the headphone volume quite a bit. How is the headphone gain on DJ Connect?

Hi Dmitri,

Yes, the Griffin DJ Connect is a multi-channel audio interface that gives you dual stereo outputs. I’ve also verified (again) that the DJ Connect is working due to your report with the iMic.

So, Griffin DJ Connect definitely works with iOS 8 and djay 2. The DJ Connect also has a separate volume knob just for the headphone out.

As far as I know, Griffin ships worldwide.

it’s not better to use a good Noise Isolating Headphone??
If you do so, for sure your precue sound quality will be much better and you can keep them on also while listening the main mix…

Yes, I’m just worried that the gain won’t be enough, can’t find a figure of how much gain it has in the headphone out.

Do you know anyone selling them in Germany?

I don’t need good sound quality and I don’t want to hear the main mix in the headphones.

Anyone know of a store in Berlin that might have the Griffin DJ Connect?
Or a store in Germany (or Europe) that you can order from? I can only find Griffin’s own Store, but that’s in the US, it seems.