DJay with Numark IDJ3 - nothing works

I bought the Numark IDJ3 controller to use together with the djay for mac… i love this easy to use DJ App.
But nothing is working, what i have to do?
IDJ3 Firmware is allready Updated.

Every help is welcome!

Greetings from Switzeland


Hi Marc,

The iDJ3 isn’t natively supported. So, this means that you have to map the controller yourself. Please open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to map your controller.

What exactly isn’t working?

There are no step by step instructions because it’s pretty straightforward.

  1. push a button
  2. select an action

As far as I know, it should work on djay for Mac.

The process is straightforward, it’s just a lot of work. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we keep hearing this. However there is little instruction on how to do this properly. I have tried this “Configure” from the MIDi menu, but only a few of the options actually work. Am I doing something wrong? Don’t know but I’m following what little instructions that are provided.

I can’t get the scratching mode to work with IDJ3, even after I map it.

Any update? It will work?

clearly its not pretty straight forward because you keep getting questions like this release a mapping file for the device it would be easy for you guys who run the program