djay with OMNI portable turntable


Is there anyone else using OMNI turntable with djay ?

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Unfortunately, it still does not work properly.
Even when I calibrate the DVS, it works like an automatic scribble.
Also, MIDI assignments for the faders do not work.
Let’s give feedback to Algoriddim to get OMNI to support this! I will too!

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Hi @nicefinga, it works fine for me :grinning:
I will post a video…

I’m super excited and waiting!

Hi @nicefinga,
As promised a short video of Djay + OMNI.

It works fine… with crossfader setting: cut


Yay! Super Thx!!!
It was because I had the mixer in external mode.
I put it in internal mode and it worked!
Thank you so much for the help👍

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Hi @DJTonyBlanck,

Thanks for your post!

Additionally, thank you for providing your video! This is great to see that you were able to configure the OMNI Turntable with djay.

We encourage users as well to test this out and report back with their findings, but for the time being the Omni is not an official supported device for djay.

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Just tried it it works so good. You can map each fader however you want and even mix on it so amazing

think I need a reload mixtour and another omni for the best portable setup there is.

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I made a tuto and a demo last July over OMNI integration:

So much fun to use OMNI + DJAY PRO !!!


nice if only there was a way to use headphone split cue I can’t figure it out… might get a vci 400 to see use the extra channels on it. setting both faders to volume faders makes it a mixing beast with auto double but it needs headphone cue

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Je ne suis pas le.seul alors :wink:


DVS functionality aside, would you say the Omni is a better turntable than the other portable options like the spin and pt01 or about the same?

Way better !
@nicefinga @djkom agree?


Of course!!!
I had the Spin, but the OMNI has a better fader cutoff and is a superior piece of equipment enough without having to use the mod!


Absolutely !
The most impressive thing is that OMNI is made by Headachesound a small compagny with limited ressources while big companies can’t even bring something close in term of features/quality (usb C soundcard, contactless faders, ultra pitch…etc)


Just got an Omni and have to say that it works great with algorididm. I also have a Mixtour and somehow I’m able to use the outputs from it as well as the headphone cueing and the DVS functionality of the Omni. I don’t even have any RCAs coming out from the omni, and it makes me wonder if I could add a second Omni for an awesome mini setup.

For those that want to try the one Omni & Mixtour setup here’s how I got it to work:

  1. Connect the mixtour to your iOS device and select “output to speaker”
  2. Connect Omni and configure DVS with “line out 1&2”
  3. Configure main audio with output “mixtour 1&2” and cueing “mixtour 3&4”
  4. Assign Omni faders as desired (neural mix faders are fun!)

Time will tell if this is works consistently and I will update here accordingly to keep all the Omni stuff in one thread.

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