Djay without a Mac?

I have just bought Djay for my ipad, works great with spotify but I want to be able to use tracks offline. My computer is Ubuntu Linux. So I can’t use ITunes sync. On my ipad, the only songs in the music library are apple music tracks, and I can’t seem to add other MP3s.
I have a big library of MP3s that I want to use and have as playlists. I can add them to the queue but they don’t come up as playlists - only the stuff from apple music comes up here and that is useless. How do I do this?

Are your MP3s on your iPad or computer?

Ideally you need a Mac or Windows PC to add MP3s to iTunes due to Apple’s restrictions. There might be ways round this but I’m not familiar with Ubuntu. Would suggest checking some Ubuntu forums for advice.

MP3s are on my laptop. I actually found one way of doing it by emailing the files to a friend who has a macbook, then getting her to transfer them over using the cable to my ipad via her itunes. But this is not an ideal solution, as it relies on knowing someone with a macbook…