Djay won't read my vestax 2 the vestax symbol wont show up

when i plug my vestax spin to my mac the vestax symbol wont show up it will read vestax spin as a output in stead but the use of the controlller

I have experienced the same issues with my VCI100 MK2
the logo stops to show when I plug the controller.
but it shows up again when I plug another vestax controller (VCI 400)
I tried to plug the VCI100 MK2 on another computer and it works perfectly fine
so I guess it s the connection between my DJAY software and the controller
that needs to be fix. Any help will be very greatly appreciate.


I recommend trying the following:

(a) use a different USB cable
(b) use a different USB port on your Mac
(c) if you’re using an external USB hub, try connecting it directly to the Mac

If none of these steps help, please contact Vestax support because you most likely have a broken controller: