djay wont update the library from iTunes

please can you help me to solve this problem?


Please open Finder and go to /Music/iTunes. Can you see a library.xml file there? If yes, how old is it? Try deleting this file and quit & restart iTunes.

i have the same prob and looks like no one can help this really sucks i let my daughter spend over 50 $ on my itunes on songs for her sweet 16 this sat and now i cant you my Djay to play them i am very frusterated

yes, i have the latest version of itunes and Djay. in fact, i have the same issue with Virtual and Traktor…please help me with that

warren, i did it but when i try to open djay appears "djay cant find the file iTunes music library.xml…how can i create a xml file?

strange, do you guys have the latest itunes and djay software? ihave been using djay for 3 years and never heard of this issue at all.

man, i dont know what to tell you. I know with me, i have never had any issues with my library and playlists. I can even be dj’ing somewhere and go to itunes to purchase a song, go back to djay, refresh library, and the song appears. has anyone from djay answered you?