DJAY Working With Rane 72's and 12's

Do you guys see in the future that Djay will work with Rane Products 72’s Mixer and 12’s Controller…This would be a great advancement of your software to incorporate it to Rane Products. especially for a Dj who wants to use a turntable like controller…Can we make this happen!!!

I Agree! Just bought the Rane 72 MKII and 12 MKII’s. The 12 MKII’s support VDJ and Tracktor I believe. There may be an update to get Djay Pro working on those.


Thank you for getting in touch.

We are currently not supporting DVS or Time Code Vinyl. Therefore, the two Rane devices can only be used as external mixers with mappable midi buttons but not in conjunction with 2 turntables.

There is never a no in business; it’s a lets wait and see approach. because if Rane is making their hardware more compatible to competing software…why isn’t Djay software making themselves compatible to one of the top 3 DJ hardware makers in the DJ Industry. It’s 2020 time to adjust and adapt like this crazy virus here…

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