DJAY2 and Numark IDJ Live

I have Numark IDJ Live but does not work with DJAY LE (Free Version)
So I am not sure If I buy DJAY2, Do I can use with Numark IDJ Live

Thank you

Are you testing the iDJ Live with the same iPad or iPhone?

djay 2 should normally work with iDJ Live, especially if it works with djay 1 on the same device.

“Exactly, another” - What do you mean by this?

Yes, generally speaking iDJ Live works with djay 2. However, some iDJ Live controllers are incompatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7 and this is why I’m asking if your iDJ Live is already confirmed to be working with djay 1 on an iPad/iPhone with iOS 6 or 7.

If your iDJ Live works with your iPhone with iOS 7, then it should definitely work with your iPad. Which iPad do you have? Do you have a new iPad with a lightning connector?

In this case, do you have the official lightning to 30-pin adapter from Apple?

Also, I use with DJAY (1st version), It work

Any app, suggest by algoriddim. Can use with Numark IDJ Live

Exactly, another
But you confirm if I download DJAY2, it work with numark idj live right ?

Exactly, another means for Djay app work with numark iDJ live for my iphone but not for my ipad (Both are IOS7)

Anyway, for you mentioned “some iDJ Live controllers are incompatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7”. How can I know ?

Thank you

I use IPAD mini with IOS7.

Yes but does the live work with djay 2