Djay2 [android]...can't load songs from Google Play Music

Hi, the playlists show up in Djay2 but even if I download the playlists in Google Play Music so they are “online”, the songs still are greyed out in the Djay2 app.

Wondering what this could be?


BTW The device is currently a Nexus 6

I have since figured out that the Djay2 app will grey out songs you downloaded from the Play Music cloud, whether or not they are yours or bought from Google Play Music,although obviously you can play them in Play Music. but if you have songs that you put locally on your device by yourself (I used the iSyncr app), then the local playlists and songs will work and can be played). Songs/playlists put on your phone manually (eg. via isyncr) will be seen and played by both Djay2 and Google Play Music.

Hope that helps.

One more thing, I’m not sure is necessary but in the iSyncr app, I specified my music be stored in the “Music” folder on my SD card root directory. For some reason I read somewhere that they must be in a “Music” folder on a root directory (internal or external sd) for djay2 to see them as well. BTW This doesn’t pose a problem for any other android music players so at any rate this step doesn’t hurt.

Did you buy these tracks via Google Play Music?

Djay 2 app is for mobile (iOS/android) only. Djay Pro is for iOS, Mac OS or Windows. BTW your best bet is still on Mac or iOS.

Hi there,

please note that this topic is an older one, could you give us some more details about what you are referring too?

Thank you in advance.


Hi there,

Spotify is the only streaming service we are supporting at the moment.
Our apologies.


Is that important? If so, how about access only to the uploaded and bought tracks?

Would be great if you find a way to implement that.

For iOS as well :wink:

Same here will not play google play play list. Shows them but won’t allow you to play. Does Djay only work with Spotify???if so why???

That’s the only one you are getting paid from more like it. Unistalled it now as it’s unusable.

Actually THE DJAY 2 app is for Apple iPad or MAC I learned this the hard way now your best bet is to purchase the Windows 10 DJAY PRO for PC it’s awsome try it

Google Play Music Is the best application than others music applications.Now, i want to add songs but don’t know how to do this.I have visited many websites but did’t get the exact solution.So,i decided contact to ipad Customer Service Number .