DJay2 - bpm sync

I’m new to the community but thought the below might make automix better with a few optional settings:

Auto sync bpm: option to select if you want to sync active or cue’d deck to sync the bpm of, or to meet halfway.

Auto sync bpm duration: similar to transition duration, but would allow a more gradual bpm sync from 1 to 30 secs for instance.
Auto sync bpm rate: choose bpm/second at which the transition would occur. E.g. From 0.5 to 10bpm for instance. At 1bpm/sec an 80bpm track would sync to a 120bpm over 40 seconds etc.

Option to lock pitch when syncing.

Also able to select if sync is triggered prior to transition time duration, or occurs concurrently with transition.

The way I imagined I would use it, I would select outgoing deck to modulate bpm to match incoming deck, sync gradually at around 1bpm/sec, and to have sync’d before the transition starts. Auto transitions would then sound better and I would be praised for being the best dj.

Thanks for reading!