djay2 crashes after loading music from Spotiy

I need help, I have a party to mix for this Saturday. I purchased the app for my Samsung Note4, after loading and mixing 4 to 5 songs my djay 2 crashes. I have to reload the app manually. I have read that users with ios are having the same issues. I have developer options turned off.

Hi Ross,

sorry for the delayed reply. We are sorry to tell you but we could not reproduce your issue at our office. Have you experienced any further actions which lead to the this behaviour?

Thank you in advance,

Lukas E. 

Hi Ross,

could you tell us which djay version you are using? Thank you for this information.

Lukas E.


Well the behavior was present from purchase and install. It is still doing it, and I am reading that many others are experiencing the exact issue on many platforms?!?!? I hope you are not dodging responsibility.

Ross Abdo

I am running 2.2.3