DJay2: Crossfader Issue using Numark iDJPro


Don’t know if this issue has been addressed already, but the Crossfader on my Numark idjpro is not functioning properly when using my iPad2 with Djay2
a) If slid all the way to the right it cuts off the music
b) If slid all the way to the left it cuts off the music
c) Regardless off how far right or left I still here both right and left pad

I’ve had to manually use the volume controls for fading in and out and can’t scratch properly. Please help!

Make sure all other apps are closed out and check your connection to the unit is seated properly. Also make sure everything is up-to-date and you are powering on in the correct order based on the user manual.

Testing it right now…

Still doing the same thing, but now if I have volume controls at mid range and the crossfader all the way to left plays right pad and all the way to the right plays the left pad.

My iDJPRO was under my Best Buy warranty and after going to Best Buy and dealing with Geek Squad … No comment… I later found that Best Buy no longer carries the iDJPRO system and could not replace it. They offer it in their “Marketplace” online, but store credit can’t be used on their either!!! Which made me question their warranty policy…
After praying and not jumping the counter at Best Buy… I decided to Google search the issue and troubleshoot systems with the same issues. Come to find out with the DJay 2 Version 2.7.2 under → Settings —>“MIDI” you have to set “Crossfader Cutting Mode” to the left OFF position and on “Invert Crossfader” to the left OFF position when plugged into the Numark iDJPRO!!! This is completely the opposite with DJay Version 1… 
**Note: Be sure all software and firmware is all up to date. I had this all correct but you never know.