Djay2 does not connect to wego2

Hi,i connected my ipad air to wego2 and opened the djay 2 app but the app does not recognize wego 2 pioneer logo does not come out.last time i used wego2 with traktor ,should that create a problem.?

Please kindly provide more info so we can better assist you.
* Which firmware version is installed on your WeGO2?
* Which iOS version is running on your iPad?
* What exactly happens now when you connect the WeGO 2 to your iPad?
* Does the controller still work with the other app?

The app isn’t recognizing my DDJWego2 either

I am having the same problem where DJAY2 and my iPad mini 2 will not recognize the ddjwego2. . I am running djay2 version 2.8.1 and iOS 9.1.2 with wego2 firmware 1.03.

This issue was not present when I was running iOS 9.0 and djay 2.7.10. So the issue is surfacing from a later djay2 release and/or a later iOS release.

Please note that this will affect all ddjwego2 customers (the most popular in the wego line) running on these versions, which is likely the majority of people.

Please advise.

So I troubleshooted a bit more here and looked at my iPad settings > General and saw my wego2 was on firmware 1.02. I went ahead and upgraded to 1.03. I then checked my iPad and it still said 1.02 however I went to install the update again but the utility said that I indeed did upgrade successfully to 1.03, so this is some Pioneer documentation glitch, no biggie.

I launched djay2 and at first no Pioneer logo came up even thought my iPad settings detected it. I started pressing some buttons on the wego2 and it was working! The platter lights however stayed static at that ice blue color. I shut it off and shut down djay2 and then start both back up. This time I got the Pioneer logo and it was working. I did find some new glitches such as the left platter auto loop disengages when I change the loop length (this never happened before). The right platter seems fine.

Hope this atleast helps with the connectivity part but Algoriddim needs to have an updated test run with the latest iOS, djay version and the ddjwego2. They seem to have just brushed it under the carpet.

I have wego2 firmware 1.03 iPad 9.1 iOS 4th gen djay2… NO LOVE! can someone provide support?

I have powered on in sequence… nothing!!!