Djay2 does not recognize DDJ WeGo 2

Ddj wego2 firmware 1.03
Iphone 6+ IOS 9.3.2
My Wego is not recognizing my Djay 2 or the other way arround.
This is frustrating because i only use my WeGo2 with my iPhone, please help!!!

Hi there,

we are sorry to hear that, is the iPhone charging? 
Could you download the “midi wrench” application and check if the controller is sending midi signals?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Lalo Alvarez,

we are sorry to hear that. That means the WeGo2 can not communicate with the iPhone.
Do you have the possibility to check with another cable?

Our apologies.

Lukas E.

Well i installed the app, connected the WeGo2 and it appears offline on the small screen and on the big screen nothing happened!
I guess my problem is the WeGo2 then… Any suggestion?!?