DJay2 for iPhone (ver. 2.8.15) - pre-cueing stop working

Hello, after the installation of the latest version of Djay2 for iPhone (version 2.8.15) pre-cueing doesn’t work anymore and it’s impossible hear the pre-cueing song. Before the installation of the above version everything worked fine.
I’ve an iPhone X with latest iOS.
Any clue?

Hi there, 

we are very sorry to hear that. 
Are you also using the Split Output?

If you have any further informations which might help us please share them right away.

It’s a bug of the new version …

It’s a big problem … let’s hope they solve with a new version … I can not work this way

Thanks Pietro, it’s just as I thought.
Any idea about the fix? This bug caused me a serious problem since tomorrow I have a party…

since the update it is only possible to manually select the cue channel by pressing the headphones icon to turn it blue. it’s a pain to have to do that countless times an hour - instead of the opposite channel to the output automatically being selected. was one of the reasons i preferred dj pro to the pioneer ipad app. hoping this will be rectified asap.

yes - naturally i am using the split output lukas.

if i wasn’t the headphone icons wouldn’t appear at all.