Djay2 Ipad Microphone Support

Hey guys, great product
But I am a radio dj and would want to know if i can use the built in ipad mic or an external mic with djay2? What would be nice is to make samples for the pads but not just from your itunes library but record your own voice for instance … Any chance to do that?

Can you record your own voice via djay2 and then lay it on to the samples?

Can I lay my voice over the records? For instance i play the song but also talk over it via mic? Possible?

Thank you guys

Best Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for contacting us.

djay 2 for iOS does not support microphones directly. However, you can check out the Audiobus app which lets you use a microphone along with djay.

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based on this advice i purchased an iRig mic and Audiobus but Audiobus will not work with DJay2 using Spotify, so that rules Audiobus out huh!

any other ideas?

Hi there,

with djay for iOS we are not supporting microphone input of microphones connected to external controllers.
But i added your request to our user feature request list.

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

Lukas E.

Engineers got a great app with flaws… I just can’t understand why you can’t record the mic with Wego3… Defeats the entire purpose of a record feature…

Thanks for posting this; saved me a misadventure. I just use the App for occasional charity discos and having a mic input would be awesome as it would save be carting around my analogue mini mixer.

I use spotify