Djay2 ipad midi configuration mapping for traktor kontrol z1?

Traktor kontrol z1’s instructions say it is in standard midi mode when traktor software does not run; however the midi learn feature does not seem to be active although the it does use the controller’s audio outputs (both RCA outputs and the headphone output) and shows the name of the midi device in the configuration. I would like the cross fader, treble, base, and other basic dials to work.

Are the “A” and “B” buttons of the Traktor Kontrol Z1 lid white and blue?
Is it being recognized by djay Pro when connecting it?

When clicking on “MIDI” at the menu bar, is there the option to “Configure Traktor Kontrol Z1…”?

The settings show “Traktor Kontrol Z1” and the correct sound outputs, but the controller “A” and “B” buttons are not lit white and blue.