DJAY2 iPad new look when connected to Reloop Beatpad


I have upgraded the iOS app to the latest version which now shows EQ, Effects and Loops in a section at the bottom of the screen when connected to my Reloop Beatpad. This feature works well but I think there’s a bug because the fffects on the left side does not show which effect is selected but the right side does show which effect is selected. All other features in this update appear to work great.

My Reloop Beatpad is also running the latest version of software.

Can you help or make a note to resolve this bug in the next update please?



We are aware of this issue. It only affects the left Deck and he FX name. The FX still works though.
We’ll fix it asap!

No just the effects on left side everything else is ok

does the crossfader dissapears also ?