Djay2 plus all the effects packages again? too much coin all the time

kinda aggravated---- i use the Reloop Mixon 4 and Djay pro—i can use serato free with the nixon 4 but i choose Djay Pro-----now i have to re buy the software—may be going to serato…i bought djay pro for mac, now iPad pro, now they want me to pay again for DJay 2----not to mention I’m sure i have to re buy the packages of effects again too----serato is in my future— i do a global live radio show thru G4TV and pimp DJay pro non stop----i can’t buy effects and djay pro 2----i have bought the system and all the packages already---- i sell a ton of your software to my listeners some discount would be nice-----i don’t mind buying DJay pro but the effects packages too gaaaaaaaaaa

Hi Shawn,

please contact us via

Thank you in advance.