Djay2 Pro app (Android) - no bluetooth connection with Pioneer DDJ 200

Recently got the Djay2 Pro app for Android so that I could use it with the Pioneer DDJ 200 system that arrived yesterday. However, the two don’t link up on Bluetooth and there is literally nothing showing on the app where this can be done. I’ve read that a connection message should pop up but it doesn’t. The DDJ does work as my daughter has tried it on her Apple phone using a different app. I got the system on the basis I could use it with this app and Spotify. Any ideas? Thanks

Currently, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 is officially supported with the Windows, macOS and iOS versions of djay via USB connection, Bluetooth is currently only supported on iOS. Technically the DDJ-200 can be connected to djay for Android, but only over USB connection, which we don’t officially recommend due to poor connection reliability with various cables/devices on Android. The team is looking into the possibility of extending Bluetooth support to Android in the future, but for now USB is the only workaround. Hope this helps.

I have had the exact same problem! Ive been trying to research this for days and have tried using other bluetooth force pair apps and nothing works, help please!!! I got it based on the same thing that i could use my phone linked to my spotify with the controller to mix. Have been able to pair it with other dj interfaces but none of them link with Spotify. Please let me know if there is any workaround or fix for this issue! Thank you!!

Thats a bit shit then