DJay2/Spotify/Ipad/microphone problem


I was v impressed with the DJay2 app, playing music from my Spotify Premium account.

I wanted to use a mic for home DJing, and based on advice here I got an iRig microphone and Audiobus.

I hooked it all up and it won’t allow me to play any tracks at all from Spotify whilst using your app with Djay 2.

Any ideas on what would help would be brilliant.

Been trying to get an answer through the Algoriddim email for two days but no answer.

Thank you,


Hi Mark,

I’m sorry but this isn’t possible. Hope you’ll understand.

whist using Audiobus with Djay 2 I mean. I get a message saying ‘Spotify tracks cannot be used when connected to Audiobus’.

So any other way to get this mic to work?

I don’t want to record stuff, just have a live amplified voice over the music.