Djay2/Wego3 Slip Mode for loops and scratching, FX Defaults, and force-analyzing libraries for key and tempo

Djay2 and Wego3 suggestions/questions (not necessarily just with Wego3)

There are some things that I thought would be useful but maybe I’m missing something:

  1. “Slip” only works when you’re “playing” the waveform, but can it be used if you’re looping or scratching?
  2. On a Wego3, you must engage the Effect on and button and turn the platter to raise or lower the effect. If you turn off the effect using the button, then the next time you use the effect, it will be at maximum. Is there way or preference that when you engage the FX, it starts at a default value (ideally, which could also be user configured).
  3. A song’s Key and BPM get analyzed when loaded, but is there a way to force analyze your library or playlists?


Thx for the replies, that’s very helpful.


Good point, slip mode is definitely useful regardless of which view mode you’re using.

You can force analyze your library or playlists, when on the playlist tab or songs tab in the library, make sure you are at the top, press the more button and then analyze songs. You can do all songs at once using the songs tab or individual playlists by pressing it in the playlist.

bring the filter back !! (being able to use jog to control it) thanks!