djay2 with ipad 4a and behringer UCA222

I have a problem trying to use dja2 on a 4th generation iPad connected by usb lightning camera adapter to the UCA222 sound card. I would use iPad headphone jack output for cueing and use the UCA222 RCA stereo as the main output. Using only the UCA222 the sound comes out of the stereo RCA, but just insert the headphone jack into ipad the sound stops suddenly. I have not tested it with other sound cards. It 'a problem of audio card or application that does not properly channeled outputs? anyone has solved the same problem? Thanks

You can’t use USB sound card as main and headphone jack for pre-cueing. Apple do not authorize to send two audio signal same time. You will need an compatible sound card with 2 stereo channel (1-2 main 3-4 pre-cueing)

Hope that’s help!

Maybe a controller :

Thank you Philippe, can you suggest a card with these features?