Djay2's synch is still poor compared to Djay

My biggest problem with Djay2 (vs Djay) is that the synch algorithm is still noticeably worse. Does anyone else still experience this and - if so - has anyone found that the latest DJay2 upgrade made any difference? Because i have not.

Specifically: mixing two tracks in Djay where i hit synch keeps those tracks aligned for the whole track. Hitting synch on Djay2 for the same two tracks sees them drift relatively quickly. I have tested Djay2 with a number of sets of two tracks that i like to mix on Djay and in many cases Djay2 does not hold the synch over the course of the mix.

Warren, are you not still hearing about this issue? And if so, when will it be fixed?

All of other nice features of the latest Djay2 upgrade - harmonic / key matching, fixing the problem where the volume dropped when using FX, etc - are really nice, but i refuse to use Djay2 (instead of Djay) until the synch issue is fixed.

Why can’t you guys reintroduce the original Djay synch engine into Djay2?

Gee, you can also send me the tracks for testing (support(at)

By the way, are you using Perfect Sync?

Thanks - i will take you up on this. Can you give me your email so i can send you a couple of tracks to test the sync on Djay2 (and ideally compare the sync on Djay1 if you still have access to it. Mine is djgeebreezy@gmail.

Gee, i replied to your post in the split feed thread, if you want to name 2 tracks your having issues with im happy to get them and give them a try, to date iv had only one sync issue but that was whilst looping, turned out it was the track causing the issue.

I agree that the perfect sync is far from perfect. Today I was playing around and mid mix with perfect sync enabled the pitch speed up and sounded dreadful! I also find it seems to have to fight to stay in sync, speeding up and down all the time. Sounds much better to beatmatch by ear and forget sync altogether