DJaypro freeze intermittently in automix

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  • Device model (e.g. 2020 iPad Air 4th Gen):
  • Version of operating system (e.g. macOS 14.4.1):
  • Version of djay (e.g. 5.1.2):
  • Hardware/controllers used (e.g. Reloop Mixon 8 Pro):

Summary of the issue:
Version 5.2.7 Mac Pro 2.9 GHz 6 Core Intel Mem 16 GB 2400 MHZ DDR4

DJaypro would start automix with no problem, then would intermittently stop. The music source is Tidal. I’ve tried it on another Macpro with the same result. This started to happen once the subscription went from $ 9 to 19 with the additional DJ functionality.

How to reproduce the issue:

Hi @Frerot1956

  1. What version of macOS are you using?
  2. Please confirm that your Tidal subscription is the Individual Plan plus the DJ Extension.
  3. When you say djay is freezing is the program not responding at all or is the next Tidal track just not loading?
  4. How is your internet connection and speed?
  5. Are you using a VPN?

Hello! It’s been almost 10 days since my last reply. I’m going to consider this topic completed for now so I can focus on others. However, please feel free to respond and we can definitely revisit this. Thanks!