DJAYPro pre-cueing doesn’t work with audio interface

Hello guys. Really quick description of the issue that I’m trying to resolve. I hope to be clear enough.

I have a DJ2GO2
Interface: Komplete audio 2
Mac Pro
And djay pro software

I’m trying to conect the DJGO2 from the main output to the one of the lines in the (audio interface.) and then from the audio interface to the speakers. When i’m Using DJAY Pro or Serato.
If I put (channel1-2 audio interface ) and (channel 3-4 DJ2GO2) For some reason the pre cueing doesn’t work in the seratoDJ2GO2.
In the DJAY pro software appears the configuration directly to the audio interface. If I do that, The audio goes through the audio interface directly to speakers but the pre-cueing doesn’t work in DJ2GO2. Now then… if I select in the DJAYpro software the configuration for main output-DJ2GO2 channel 1-2 and then pre-cueing channel 3-4 works perfectly but (((without the audio interface)). Means that i’m Doing something wrong if I wanna have the audio interface connected. And get the pre-cueing. I’m been trying a lot of different things and I have no luck. If someone understand the issue. Please let me
Know. I’m in my learning process and any answer from you guys I’ll appreciate it.
(I believe maybe djaypro doesn’t support audio interfaces and playlist offline mode and and and and… I thought this software was the top. Frustrating…