Djaypro with windows and Traktor kontrol s2

I think djaypro is a very nice dj program but i have a traktor kontrol s2 and my question is can it work with windows djaypro and the traktor s2?

Hey there,

if you set the S2 into midi mode the controller is accessible and mappable with djay Pro for Windows. See:…

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you i got it working :slight_smile:


In windows version I’ve managed to get Kontrol S2 to work as a MIDI controller.
But I can’t manage to get the pre-cueing (preview) to work on my headphones.

I can only set the djay Pro app to only one output:

Traktor Monitor or Traktor Master

How can I set the app to Master on Traktor Master
And precueing on Traktor Monitor?



nope… U Cant. actually. The only thing I managed to do was using both my outputs of my S2 in mono.

One for Monitor and the other for Master.

Hi Tomas, did you manage to figure it out?

yes, but how to listen the cue???

did you find a soluion???

how do use the out put in mono??

like this do you get to listen the cue?’