DJM-450 with DVS sort of works. DJay Pro might need to send a command to the mixer to activate it.

I really enjoy using my DJ-450 mixer and DJay Pro has become my main DJ software ever since DVS has been added. I can get DVS to work on the 450, but it’s not ideal.

I’ve used the Pioneer settings utility to set my mixer DVS channels (phono/line) but notice they’re grayed out But if I run Rekordbox or VDJ, they’ll light up. It’s like those two programs gives off a command to activate the DVS part of the mixer. DJay Pro doesn’t seem to activate the DVS part of the mixer.

I can get DVS to work with DJay Pro if I run either VDJ or RB in the background, but running two DJ software at the same time is not ideal. I can’t figure out any other way to get it to work with just running DJay Pro alone.

Is there anything I can do to get DVS to work properly on the DJM-450? Is there anything Algoriddim can do to like program Djay Pro to activate the DVS part

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Hi @Raff_Iberian,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

While I cannot say whether or not we are working on natively supporting the DJM-450 and it’s DVS compatibility in the near future, I can say that this request will be passed along to our dev team for continued review.

I will update this thread as new information comes in on this topic. Have a nice day!

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Any updates?
DJM 450 support for IOS would be very welcome!!

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An update on this subject for us DJM 450 DVS users would be very very very welcome!!

I would love to use Djay Pro as main dj program for DVS also


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