DJM-800 with 2 XDJ-1000s?

Is anyone using the DJM-800 mixer for MIDI mapping and audio output?

I see that it has an old school MIDI output, but I’m not sure I know how to connect that along with 2 XDJ-1000’s to have it work all together?

Any help?

Hi @Jamescroe,

Thank you for getting in touch.

In order to make this nice setup work with djay Pro 2 for Mac I recommend connecting both XDJs with an individual USB cable to your Mac.

Now connect the Audio Output of the two XDJs to your DJM 800 as audio line input.

djay Pro 2 for Mac will now guide you through the setup on how to use the DJM as external Mixer and you are good to go!

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Thanks @Lukas_E. I was also able to figure that out during the set up that evening.

The set went really well and I enjoyed using djay. It was a ton of fun!

Until the next one… cheers! :smiley: :headphones: :notes:

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