DJM 900 nexus CDJ 2000 NEXUS 2 USB problem MIDI A

Hi i have problem. I have Djay PRO latest version for MAC. I use CDJ 2000 NEXUS 2 and DJM 900 nexus. When i use standart USBs 2x for each of playes directly conected to MAC it works setup the output CDJ 2000 and works. But i read you can use only one usb cable from MAC to DJM 900. So i plug players via LANs to switch DJM to switch and LINK work. So i plug the USB to DJM MIDI A output. Djay PRO recognize both players and DJM and i can control soft via players and they act like MIDI so OK. BUT! one problem there is no output selection and no output to the DJM. Only MAC speakers play music but i want output to the mix. CDJ have latest firmware and DJM also. When i open MIDI there is bunch of stuff mapped for CDJ but in DJM not it all. Djay PRO detects there is some DJM 900 but there is no settings or mapped interface. I use Pioneer drivers for DJM and it detects. Also MAC latest Siera OS. Any solutions what is wrong ?