DJM-A9 MIDI Mapping - Neural Mix EQs

Can anyone help me how to Midi map the DJM-A9?

I have the A9 and CDJ-3000s all connected with USB to my MacBook. CDJs are running fine but I can’t midi map any FX function i.e. to separate the stems with the mixer’s high, mid and low rotary knobs.

I would like to have the same capability of Djay Pro FX functions like with the Reloop Buddy.

Hi @PRS,

  1. Here’s a MIDI Mapping guide for macOS:
  2. The specific MIDI command you’re looking is called Toggle Neural Mix - EQ. You need to map this for all 4 Channels/Decks

I don’t have personal experience with the A9, but AFAIK all DJM models do the mixing in hardware. Even though the EQ knobs send out MIDI they will always apply the EQ in hardware.

So, if even if you MIDI map the EQ knobs for stems, you will still get the hi/mid/low EQs adjusted.

Thanks @nso. You could be correct. I don’t have access to an A9 to confirm either. I’m just offering general MIDI mapping advice for this particular scenario.

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Thank you both!

I tried the Midi mapping and it really looks like I can’t map anything in DJ Pro for the DJM-A9. It looks like this particular mixer is only recognized as “hardware mixer” and therefore as soon as it is connected there is simply no chance in midi map a rotary knob. I can of course midi map everything to my MacBook keyboard but that would made the whole mixer obsolete.

I got an idea of a workaround for integrating Neural Mix (vocals, harmonic, bass, drums separation) into my setup with some additional pad and midi map it. If I’m not mistaken, that should work in combination with the A9 as mixer / master output.

Your opinion is very much appreciated guys!

It’s the Midi Fighter Twister


You’re welcome @PRS. You can definitely use multiple MIDI controllers in conjunction with the A9 mixer. I actually use both the DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Twister and Midi Fighter Spectra in my setup.

Here are links to my personal mappings:

  1. DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Spectra - Neural Mix / Serato STEMs Mapping - #3
  2. DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Twister - Mixer / Looper Mapping - #7
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