DJM- A9 MIDI Mapping

Hi is there any chance that midi capabilities could be enabled for the djm a9 on mac ? I would like to map stems to the outer channels eqs, I previously mapped my djm 900nxs2 with stems. And also cfx currently don’t work.

Hi @Peter_Lazarenko, the Pioneer DJM-A9 is natively supported on macOS so you shouldn’t need to MIDI map it.

However, you can remap any of the MIDI compatible controls on the hardware to your liking using the MIDI Learn tool in djay.

It won’t let me use the midi learn tool because It doesn’t show up in the midi list in djay pro.
The midi button is active on the a9 also.

Hi @Peter_Lazarenko, the engineering team is aware of the MIDI Learn tool issue and will address it in the next djay update.

Regarding CFX, can you please elaborate on the issue you are experiencing? Are you able to activate CFX, but not hear the result? Thanks.

Oh ok that’s great. So regarding the cfx once the djm a9 is connected the crossfader and cfx tab disappears and can’t select anything at all. Please see picture.

Thanks for the additional info @Peter_Lazarenko

Hi again @Peter_Lazarenko, please try showing the mixer to adjust CFX:


Hey got it sorted thanks. This option wasn’t available so i uninstalled djay and reinstalled it and now it shows up and is working. Thanks for reply’s :wink:

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Excellent! You’re welcome. Glad you figured it out and thanks for the follow up.