DJM S11 and recording issue

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  • Device model: DJM S11 CDJ 3000
  • Version of operating system: Macos
  • Version of djay: 5
  • Hardware/controllers used: DJM S11 and CDJ 3000

Hi all, I am wondering how should I route the audio for recording?
Everything else is fine only recording no audio…

Hi @mrtbdmn, if you are using the Record function within djay, there is no need to route the audio. This is handled internally and recorded to your Mac hard drive. You can find the recordings here:

Hello Slak,

Yes I found the folder and the file, but there is no sound recorded. When I changed the audio routing, I found out that the level bar rises as the song played, but one of the fader doesnt work. If I set the audio recording to ch 1-2 it doesnt allow me.

As you have DJM-S11… why you don’t record using “Booth Output” or “Master RCA”?

Much easier option to record the audio than figuring out how to route audio internally on mac.
Also note that the “Booth output” doesn’t know if you are playing audio from streaming services.

Something like Tascam DR-40X | Portable Four-Track Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface ?

Doesn’t even cost too much

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Thanks for the tip @dj_romy_fi. This is exactly what I do to record my sets. Except I use the Sony PX470. Ideally, you want to connect it to a “record out” on your hardware so the recorded volume isn’t altered by the master volume on the hardware. Booth out also works if you set the booth volume and leave it there during your recording.

Okay I will try using external recorder thank you guys

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Do you have a DAW or something like Audacity installed?

With the RANE72 you can record channel 5-6 from the audio interface and get your master signal straight into a DAW.
(you can also record ch1-2 and so on . . . for single channel pre or post fader)

Never used the s11, but as it is also an audio interface, it should have similar capabilities.
A bit of testing or googling to find what channel the master out is on, should be easier than getting a hardware recorder.

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