DJM-S11 Support (iOS) or Mapping?

Hello, I’ve been searching around for some time as I contemplate a new setup and was curious as to whether Algoriddim was working on native support (iOS) for the DJM-S11?

I know the Rane 70 has native support despite many using it as a standalone external mixer and the 72 might be receiving support, so it felt natural to include its biggest competitor among the list.

The reason I ask is because I’d prefer to use the S11 over the Rane mixers in conjunction with two Rane 12s and an iPad Pro. Anyone else that would like to see this implemented?

Would really love to make my way back to DJay Pro, and this would really open up a new market of customers who prefer to use Pioneer battle mixers with DJay Pro software. I know the S11 can be used as an external mixer, but doesn’t make sense in this case because you lose hotcue functionality.

Anyone mapped this (not sure if its even possible for iOS)? If you’ve succeeded or attempted would love to get some guidance!

So I just tried this with AI and…it works almost PERFECTLY…even assigns the correct LED colors to the cue buttons! It was pretty much plug and play for anyone wondering!

Next step is to give it a go on iOS! Will update everyone!

Update—works just as well with iOS! There are definitely some tweaks that can be made, but overall very impressive. Wasn’t able to get my hands on the Rane 12 MKIIs yet, but don’t see why they shouldn’t work with the S11 if they’re natively supported.

In case anyone’s interested I’ll follow up with the results!

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