DJM S7 / XDJ 1000 Mk2 on iOS - new issue!

Hi. I’ve been happily using Djay on an iPad Pro with XDJ 1000 Mk2s midi mapped as controllers with a DJM S7 mixer. The XDJs are USB connected to the mixer via its hub and then the mixer into USB C via a powered hub. No problems (would be better is the Mk2s were supported) until recently.

Following an update - could be iOS, could be Djay - the internal audio will always switch to one of the XDJs and the DJM S7 can’t be selected. If I turn the mixer on last (as per the video) you can see Djay pick up the mixer as an audio device and then a few seconds later switch to the XDJ1000MK2). Having done some light googling/youtubeing I can see that iOS only supports one USB audio device, generallly the last one connected. Not sure how this ever worked, but it did and now it’s stopped. I can’t use a combination of XDJ/DJM/iOS anymore.

I don’t actually need the audio from the XDJs at all but unfortunately you can’t turn that off. How can the DMJ S7 be preferred as the audio device? Midi is fine - shows 2 x XDJ1000MK2 and 1 x DJM S7.

It’s making me sad.

Video of problem

Hi @The_Sherka, I don’t personally have this hardware to test, but before I forward this onto the engineering team to see if they can reproduce your issue, I do have some ideas to try.

  1. Close djay Pro and all other applications on your iPad.
  2. Disconnect all cables, hubs and adapters from your iPad, S7 and XDJ-1000s
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad (Force restart iPad - Apple Support).
  4. Once rebooted, connect your USB-C hub to your iPad and confirm that you see the blue peripheral icon near the top right of your iPad screen.
  5. Connect the original iPad power adapter and cable to your USB-C hub above and confirm that your iPad is charging.
  6. If possible, instead of connecting your XDJ-1000s to the USB hub on you DJM S7, try connecting them directly to the USB-C hub that’s connected to your iPad.
  7. Turn ON the XDJ-1000s.
  8. Launch djay Pro.
  9. Finally connect your DJM S7 to your USB-C hub and turn in it ON.

Please let me know if this works. If not, I have a few other ideas we can try.

Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ve tried most of those, but not methodically - so will try. Certainly not using the DJM as the USB hub was something I tried.

Will go through the list and feedback. Thanks again.

You’re welcome. The connection order and exact sequence is actually very important when using iOS especially when using multiple devices.

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Genius, thanks so much. I think moving the XDJ USB away from the mixer has given the flexibility to ensure that the DJM is guaranteed last audio device to connect.

Great suggestions, thanks again.

You’re welcome! Glad to hear that did the trick. I had a feeling it would…

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