DJM750 MK2 with IOS

Algorithmic DJ Pro on aiOS sees my DJM750 MK2 as a midi device, but will not let me use it as an audio device. Is there a solution for this?

DJM750, and DJM450 for that matter are not class complient audio devices. iOS only works with class compliant devices. Maybe this can be solved with a firmware update, but this is something only Pioneer can do.

I use the DJM450 with an external class compliant soundcard.

I’m using it with the audio 10 right now. I was just curious cause all four channels of my 750 are addressible on other iPad apps.

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As @Kikeon pointed out, the DJM750 MK2 is not class compliant at this time.

Feel free to share your feedback with Pioneer as well regarding this matter.

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Thank you. Dropped the question on their forums. With their app coming out soon, we can only hope they wouldn’t limit its use to just battle mixers and budget controllers.

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