Hi everyone, I have a XDJ1000mk1 set up (2 of) hooked up to a DJM750mk2 mixer. Of course I get native support via the link functionality on the XDJ’s And set the the 2 controllers as the output to allow the DJM750 to operate. DJay Pro shows this as an external mixer and was wondering if there is a mapping or otherwise which will allow me to see the cross fader operate in tandem with the mixer’s cross fader, equalisers and so on, rather than these be blanked out? Hopefully the above makes sense

Hi Kamran,

Thank you for your post.

Your setup (connecting the two XDJs to your Mac) sounds perfect.

Using the DJM mixer in this setup as an external mixer is totally fine (and correct). 

djay is not digitally connected to the DJM, therefore, the DJMs own equalizer, crossfader, and general controls are being used and are not seen in djay.

That is excepted. 

Lukas E.